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Ae'm On A Boat

Page history last edited by Haken Browning 10 years, 2 months ago

[2011-02-12 20:21:06] <Haruka_Emmerich> = =
[20:21:31] <Haruka_Emmerich> Playa de Alba, Costa Rica. One year after the Void Hour Incident.
[20:24:22] <Haruka_Emmerich> "Gonna miss the Nerdcave del Monstruo..." Aelita muttered as the last duffel bag full of equipment was unloaded from the rickety ferry boat, piled alongside the rest awaiting transport via more seaworthy vessels to parts currently known only to herself and Wyll.

[20:28:27] <Axel_Wildfire> "You are. I can do without velociraptors and dragon... things... stalking around." Wyll watches her with a gentle smile. "It *was* cozy though."

[20:31:17] <Haruka_Emmerich> "Naturally...but also immobile." The pink-haired lasy surveyed the assembled luggage. "And between its secluded nature and Shadow Moses getting bought back by Uncle Sam, we need something a little more flexible as the base for our newest venture."

[20:33:38] <Axel_Wildfire> "I love that word. Incidentally, how *are* your swiss accounts after this latest venture?" he asks drily.

[20:42:24] <Haruka_Emmerich> "They've lost weight, I'll say that much...between some comprehensive comparison shopping and a salami slicer or two I may have hidden somewhere, you wouldn't even notice anything was missing. Not even if I show you...THIS."
[20:43:09] <Haruka_Emmerich> Right on the end of Aelita's sentence, a fair-sized yacht blew its horn before coasting within visual range of the dock.

[20:48:00] <Axel_Wildfire> Wyll raises his eyebrows. "That's... impressive." Looks like even he's awed, if briefly.

[20:54:24] <Haruka_Emmerich> "Satellite Internet with nigh-impregnable firewall - and even then only 'nigh' because I have my backdoors, rapid-deployment turbines pushing 280 knots, gyroscopic crew quarters guaranteeing 120 knots without disturbing what ain't tied down..." She grins. "...and of course, you're on a motherfucking BOAT."

[20:59:08] <Axel_Wildfire> Wyll runs the math. "That's... *five-hundred-eighteen-and-a-half kilometres per hour*?" he looks at Aelita, a cross between awestruck and horrified. "That's nuts."

[21:00:31] <Haruka_Emmerich> "That's what we gotta pull to guarantee speedy worldwide service."

[21:01:25] <Axel_Wildfire> "How are the *brakes*?"

[21:04:48] <Haruka_Emmerich> "Retro-thrusters, you mean." That crazy grin of hers persisted. "Top speed to zero in twenty, less if you actually cut the turbines and coast like you ought before engaging."

[21:06:46] <Axel_Wildfire> Wyll rubs a hand over his face, shoulders shaking with repressed laughter. "I love you."

[21:14:22] <Haruka_Emmerich> "Yes, yes, we've been over that...in the meantime, anything you wanna take care of before the RSF 'Fenrir' goes on its maiden voyage?"

[21:16:37] <Axel_Wildfire> "Nothing that can't wait until we're onboard." he hefts his share of the luggage, still laughing. "This is crazy, Aelita."

[21:18:07] <Haruka_Emmerich> "Sanity's a worthless luxury in this world." Her lines flicker blue as she grabs hold of a cardboard box with all sorts of warnings of fragility. "Think all the crap in Iwatodai proved that."

[21:19:57] <Axel_Wildfire> Wyll opens his mouth, shuts it, repeats the sequence twice, and finally just grits something out. "Can you just... not mention that? It takes *all of my willpower* to not go on rants."

[21:23:03] <Haruka_Emmerich> "Fine, fine...I mean, never you mind that Riders Sans Frontieres specializes in kaijin cleanup." Aelita disappears into the hold for a couple minutes, clearly looking to secure the fragile box's absolute final destination before things went awry.

[21:25:13] <Axel_Wildfire> "Unless you happen to think my ranting is cute or something..." he follows, helping get this and that stored away..

[21:32:53] <Haruka_Emmerich> A few more minutes of labor, and the ship is all but ready to roll. "So...we've got 24-ish hours before RSF officially opens for business. Anywhere you'd like to go in particular?"

[21:34:28] <Axel_Wildfire> "Will you smack me if I say 'Nowhere Special'?"

[21:39:31] <Haruka_Emmerich> "Nowhere Special might actually work. Just lemme punch some coords in, and..." Aelita leans toward some instrument panel, fingers skating across the keyboard with all the care of a vaudevillian tapdancer. "...there. Nowhere more Nowhere Special than Zero Degrees Longitude. Autopilot should get us there in six."

[21:42:41] <Axel_Wildfire> "Well, there's no denying *that*... uh, six *hours*, right?" Wyll looks a little... queasy... at the thought of how fast they'll be going.

[21:43:34] <Haruka_Emmerich> "Well, the clocks'll make it look like twelve, but yeah. Six hours."

[21:44:43] <Axel_Wildfire> "Good... so, give me the tour? Since you apparently know everything about this and I totally don't."

[21:49:30] <Haruka_Emmerich> "No better way to kill the time...bridge is fairly obvious, it does the usual seafaring things." Aelita is surprisingly giddy about the endeavor, bounding back into the ship's cabin with all the enthusiasm of a kid in a candy store - or maybe even a certain German in a certain dorm across the hall.
[21:50:44] <Haruka_Emmerich> "Living arrangements are typical apartment fare; two bed, bath-and-a-half, full kitchenette...gonna need to use the master bedroom to handle the Nerdcave's old job, though."

[21:52:41] <Axel_Wildfire> "Naturally." Wyll has his hands tucked up behind his head; he only has to see everything once to have it perfectly memorized.

[21:59:46] <Haruka_Emmerich> "Only thing I really don't like about the arrangement so far...not enough room for the full expansion plan. Hopefully in our travels, we'll find something a LOT larger to play with. Preferably something we can weld 40mm guns onto and fit with a helipad."

[22:03:32] <Axel_Wildfire> "Well... hmm." he walks past one door - to an underdeck - and backtracks to look at the interior, still responding to Aelita's query. "... it occurs to me that THI would need some big liners to move it's shit around. I'm sure few people would complain if a SHOCKER boat happened to go missing."

[22:05:58] <Haruka_Emmerich> "I like the way you think, Ascher. With SHOCKER on the run, there's bound to be some inordinately fast vessels out there with Tachibana IFF - the perfect mark going in, the perfect cover coming out." The lady pops open a random closet, frowning. "And us without pirate hats. For shame."

[22:07:02] <Axel_Wildfire> "It is." The room Wyll is staring at is set up as a miniature training hall. "Damn, Aelita, you went all out."

[22:08:39] <Haruka_Emmerich> "Had to send Gridman_ZX off with a bang, and what better way than to prop up its opposite?"

[22:10:54] <Axel_Wildfire> "No kidding. Want to go a round?"

[22:11:58] <Haruka_Emmerich> "Shit, we got the time." Another flicker of blue as she enters. "Got kinda rusty since, well, you know."

[22:14:59] <Axel_Wildfire> "Yeah... I know." Wyll looks irritated at himself as he trails in after her, already pulling his shirt off as he beelines for one of the mats.

[22:32:14] <Haruka_Emmerich> Aelita doesn't bother doing much more to disrobe than toss her jacket to the wayside. "Wellp...on with it, I guess." She assumes what appears to be an open-hands Flicker stance, clearly more used to her old body's...erm, additional mass.

[22:35:08] <Axel_Wildfire> Wyll's shirt joins it quickly and he stands opposite her, testing the mat briefly under his heel before he takes his own stance - LFF, slightly hunched, both hands up and open... and vastly different from his usual soft-style stances. "Ready?"

[22:37:17] <Haruka_Emmerich> "Goin' for it!" She darts left, then charges right with a right hand poised to yank at one of Wyll's arms.

[22:46:54] <Axel_Wildfire>  /That'll do./ Wyll turns to meet her, but instead of actively meeting her, he goes *forward* - leaping *over* her arm in a rather flashy roll, whereupon he grabs her right arm with both of his... and then the roll brings his legs around, one heel catching her between shoulder and chin. The completion of the roll then spins her, flattening her onto her back, and leaves Wyll in perfect position to work a cross-body armbar. "Bam, knew it'd work!"

[22:51:38] <Haruka_Emmerich> "Ooof!" The whirlwind is quite a shock to Aelita, and the flicker of red codebody lines shows. "A lot more daring than it ought to be, I'll say that much..."
[22:59:25] <Haruka_Emmerich> And shit, it was a fairly solid armbar for all the body-English Wyll'd put on it. Luckily, her opposite arm was free enough to clutch at his ankle, ready to pull his lower body forward to gain some leverage.

[23:02:18] <Axel_Wildfire> "Aelita, I would have broken your elbow if I'd wanted to..." he reminds her - and actually releases her, kicking his ankle free of her grip and rolling backwards, coming up in a crouch. "Russian-made. In, break something, out."

[23:05:20] <Haruka_Emmerich> "Tch...more a German tactic if you ask me." She rolls on back up, taking an empty countering stance. "...Naaah, step 2 wouldn't quite be breaking something."

[23:07:36] <Axel_Wildfire> "It's Russian. Combat sambo." Wyll's not dumb enough to rush into that.

[23:08:29] <Haruka_Emmerich> "Why sambo if Russian?" The pink-haired woman smirks. "Why not a saber dance?"

[23:12:34] <Axel_Wildfire> "Look, I didn't name it, I'm just working on learning how to use it." he sounds annoyed.

[23:13:16] <Haruka_Emmerich> "Fair enough..." She gives no sign of wanting to break the stalemate, however.

[23:17:00] <Axel_Wildfire> "Well then..." Wyll moves on, and the motion is on; he moves low, like a wave, and as he comes up again he unloads - a left backfist aimed towards her nose.

[23:18:36] <Haruka_Emmerich> YOINK - Aelita's left palm catches it soundly, and a yank rightward with her leg outstretched for Wyll to tumble over leads to...

[23:21:47] <Axel_Wildfire> As he goes down, Wyll catches Aelita's shoulder, and then twists - the downward force is already being supplied by her trip, so the twist is basically to lead her center of gravity over him and leave her sprawling beside him. If it works.

[23:23:48] <Haruka_Emmerich> The thud of both their bodies hitting the floor on their sides proves Wyll's action sound. "Lemme guess...exactly as planned."

[23:34:13] <Axel_Wildfire> "No, that was totally improvised." Wyll admits, rolling to his knees and scooting back onto his feet - Aelita is much stronger than him; he doesn't want to get stuck on the ground grappling with her.

[23:35:57] <Haruka_Emmerich> "No, I mean..." The pink-haired woman goes about propping herself back up. "You and me, working up a sweat and throwing ourselves atop each other like wild animals~"

[23:36:36] <Axel_Wildfire> "D'you know that you sound just like Haruka some days?" he replies, smirking back at her.

[23:38:37] <Haruka_Emmerich> "Must've picked up too much of her when I...er, recompiled." This time Aelita's stance is a little harder and more catclawed, clearly more at home fitted with some sort of knifegun than in pure unarmed.

[23:41:17] <Axel_Wildfire> Wyll smiles as he notes her stance. "That's more like it."

[23:42:45] <Haruka_Emmerich> "You give me far too much credit." The fingers flex a bit as she slowly advances.

[23:43:21] <Axel_Wildfire> "Oh?" he circles to her left slowly, waiting for an attack or opening.

[23:44:49] <Haruka_Emmerich> "This whole sucking-up-to-me thing. Starting to weird me out." A flicker of blue as she begins to counter-circle.

[23:48:34] <Axel_Wildfire> "It's really not sucking up." Wyll's smile is maybe a little too calm.


[2011-02-13 00:02:11] <Haruka_Emmerich> "If you'd actually did your homework, you'd know I've been a little less than praiseworthy..." Aelita finally advances, rushing into a scything kick.

[00:04:57] <Axel_Wildfire> "Compared to who? Me?" He catches her ankle between ribs and arm - it hurts, but it gives him an opportunity to plant his boot into the side of her pivot knee and drop back, simultaneously dropping them both to their backs and catching her up in an ankle lock.

[00:14:13] <Haruka_Emmerich> "You think your little antihero bullshit even compares?" She's clearly too incensed to bother trying to struggle out. "You had moral quandaries. I was burning corporate mainframes for the highest bidder and/or the hell of it!"

[00:17:33] <Axel_Wildfire> Oh *now* it's on. Recognising her lack of a struggle, Wyll releases her and sits up, crossing his legs beneath him. "And?"

[00:20:33] <Haruka_Emmerich> "AND I was dumb enough to collaborate with my captors - TWICE - with fuck-all actual bargaining leverage!"

[00:23:45] <Axel_Wildfire> "And?" he asks mildly.

[00:26:30] <Haruka_Emmerich> "And...after all that..." Aelita somehow has swerved into misting up. "...I'm still nowhere closer to my dream..."

[00:32:56] <Axel_Wildfire> "Which is?" Wyll's voice is still mild.

[00:33:37] <Haruka_Emmerich> "...the world without danger...my father promised me..."

[00:34:19] <Axel_Wildfire> He sighs and half-kneels up, holding out his arms. "C'mere."

[00:35:21] <Haruka_Emmerich> She crawls over, practically falling into Wyll's embrace.

[00:41:53] <Axel_Wildfire> Wyll holds her gently, but firmly, stroking Aelita's hair gently. "We'll manage somehow."

[00:43:38] <Haruka_Emmerich> "I guess..." The pink-haired lady curls up almost kitten-like.

[00:44:08] <Axel_Wildfire> "We will. That's why we're doing this, right?"

[00:46:08] <Haruka_Emmerich> "I was just planning to do it 'cause it's what I know...maybe it oughta be for that..."

[00:47:00] <Axel_Wildfire> "Sounds like a plan to me." he brushes her hair back and kisses her forehead softly.

[00:54:10] <Haruka_Emmerich> "In the meantime...I..." The rest is a low snore.

[00:56:12] <Axel_Wildfire> "Christ. How hard do you work yourself, Aelita?" Wyll murmurs, picking her up gently; he holds Aelita almost protectively close to his chest.

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